Unique Features

Replace your dirty sponge, green scrubby, or regular dishcloth, with the CM Chainmail Dishcloth. Use on Commercial & Home Pots, Dishes, Cast Iron, Fryers, Stainless steel, Glassware, Crystal, Carafes, Decanters, Ovens. Your kitchenware will last longer with the CM Chainmail Dishcloth.
  • Chainmail Dishcloth™ - Food Service Quality 316 Grade Stainless Steel, 5x7 in
  • Comes With the KnappMade Lifetime Replacement Guarantee
  • Helps Your Best Cookware Last a Lifetime
  • Excellent for Cleaning Cooked On Casseroles. Easy Cleanup of Side and Bottom Built Up Grime
  • Patent Protected for Quality Assurance - A Genuine KnappMade Chainmail Product

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